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Star Wars: Valkur Rejoins the Fight
Captured by the Empire's most deadly servant a Rebel who recently found it she had great Force potential comes to realize a stunning yet simple truth as she and her friends who she had gathered to fight the planets corrupt rulers even before the threat of the Empire came , are about to be taken away. 
I get it now.
Curious Lord Vader stops in his tacks to hear what she has to say.  
It's not us that are really afraid... it's you... you and your Empire. You need people to think your invincible but in reality all it's a lot more fragile because takes is one spark, one idea, one belief, one act of courage against injustice for your so called "Order" to be undone.
Because that single spark of hope can turn into a blaze. You need us to be afraid so no one knows this. That's why you got rid of the Jedi they where the torchbearers! Lighting up the dark with their Blades! Well guess what? The torch might have fallen but someone will always be their to pic
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My Star Wars KOTOR 3 Premise
You choice of Gender decides which character your playing as well as the past relationships and bonus’s related to them as well . 
Male: You are Revan. The Jedi who defied the Council and led the Republic to Victory in the Mandalorian Wars at great cost. You later turned your tactical genius against the Republic to conquer and rebuild it against the Sith Empire that had incited the Mandalorians to war. The intervention of the Jedi and betrayal of your friend and apprentice Malak cost you your memories which returned to you after you led a team to destroy the Ancient Star Forge. Leaving behind your friends, you set off on your own you attempted to kill the Sith Emperor only to be captured. Now you must escape your cell and rally your forces anew, before a worst fate befalls you and the Galaxy…
Bonus’s: Leadership. Mechanical Knowledge. 
Negative’s: Ties to the Dark Side. Distrust from some who have not forgiven your past.
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Fighters Royale: Planes by avenger09 Fighters Royale: Planes :iconavenger09:avenger09 2 0 Fighters Royale: Pilots by avenger09 Fighters Royale: Pilots :iconavenger09:avenger09 1 0
Warbound Characters Bios

Corsair Backstory:

A mercenary whose as effective as his past is mysterious, which is to say a great deal so.  
What is known of his history is mainly patched together from stories and unreliable rumours alone, the only one cemented in fact being his ill fated mentor ship of Mercer, confirmed by the woman herself with the scar across her face as proof. 
What can be guessed about this superior solider of fortune. Is at one point he served, trained and was betrayed by a Nation of considerable Military power. Who perhaps dared one too many times with regard to what he was willing to do for them, and thus took to serving no one but himself hereafter leaving with his creed and objectives known only to him.
His motivation for claiming the Artefact being among them. 

Malak Backstory:
When his lord and lady commends him, he obeys. Such is his duty as a warrior.
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Scimitar Quotes
Mileena: "Serve me!"
Scimitar: "No. You will destroy all in your path!"
Mileena: "Starting with you."
Tanya: "Dear, Scimitar."
Scimitar: "If it isn't the Witch!"
Tanya: "Did we really end so badly?"
Johnny: "You, and Shao Khan?"
Scimitar: "Is that so surprising?"
Johnny: "No, just... disturbing. Eew."
Johnny: "Are you not entertained." 
Scimitar: "That wasn't the directors best work."
Johnny: "Wow, you actually got that."
Scimitar: "For Honour and Glory!"
Cassie: "Do you think that every time your about to fight?"
Scimitar: "Do you not?"
Kitana: "You served Shao Khan!"
Scimitar: "As a Warrior."
Kitana: "And in his bed!"
Kitana: "You seem to be lost."
Scimitar: "I beg to differ."
Kitana: "Oh you will beg."
Kitana: "You lay with Shao Khan?!"
Scimitar: "Many woman did."
Kitana: "But your the only one who stands before me."
Revenant Kitana: "Out of my way!"
Scimitar: "Edenia needs you!"
Revenant Kitana: "But I no longer need it."
Raiden: "What do you seek?"
Scimitar: "To pro
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Dreamfall Retold Bios
April Ryan:
The savoir of the balance and holder of a verity of other title's is in a precarious state. After the Azadi attack on the Swam Town, unknown to her she now lays in a Hospital bed in Stark, her powers taking her back to her Home in response to her life threatening injury. Perhaps fate still has a role for her. Or maybe it'll turn out that her destiny is so important it won't let a simple matter like her death get in the way of it. When she awakes, only then will these question have answers. 
Zoë Castillo:
After helping her sister Faith find peace. Zoe is now trapped in Storytime, where the Vagaborn tires to teach her to master her ability's in the hope that it could aid her escape via Mental Projection. If not for her interrupting this training by aiding those suffering from Night-terrors in the realm she might be closer to doing so, as it stands, she is only at the stage where she can communicate with
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Dreamfall Retold: Gaius Notes by avenger09 Dreamfall Retold: Gaius Notes :iconavenger09:avenger09 0 0 Dreamfall Retold: Gaius The Artifical Human by avenger09 Dreamfall Retold: Gaius The Artifical Human :iconavenger09:avenger09 0 0 Dreamfall Retold: Repentant Soldier Almar Sari by avenger09 Dreamfall Retold: Repentant Soldier Almar Sari :iconavenger09:avenger09 0 0 Dramfall Retold: A Elegant Assassin, Sh'ra by avenger09 Dramfall Retold: A Elegant Assassin, Sh'ra :iconavenger09:avenger09 0 0 Dreamfall Retold: The Complex Killer Jack Wulf by avenger09 Dreamfall Retold: The Complex Killer Jack Wulf :iconavenger09:avenger09 0 0 Dreamfall Retold: Original Characters by avenger09 Dreamfall Retold: Original Characters :iconavenger09:avenger09 0 0 Dreamfall Retold: The Veteran Apostle Draco Thale by avenger09 Dreamfall Retold: The Veteran Apostle Draco Thale :iconavenger09:avenger09 0 0
SHIELD FIles: Norman Osborn/Green Goblin
Name: Norman Osborn
Alias: Green Goblin
Date of Birth: 1964
Identity: Publicly known
Species: Human (Mutate) 
Physical Attributes: 
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Reddish-brown
Affiliation: Oscorp Industry's (Founder) (Deposed) Secret Six. 
Marital Status: Divorced. (Emily Osborn) (One Son: Harry Osborn)


Due to the "Goblin Formula" Norman possesses super-human strength (lifting 9 tons under optimal conditions), increased speed, reflexes, endurance, and healing rate. Though much slower than the likes of Wolverine, he can regenerate damaged tissue and organs. His intelligence has been enhanced to gifted levels, though at the price of his sanity. When not impaired by mental illness, Osborn is a cunning businessman, masterful strategist, and highly skilled at electronics, mechanics, and chemistry.
In many ways Osborn here is a mirror of Peter
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SHIELD Files: Adrian Tombs/The Vulture
Name: Adrian Tombs
Alias: The Vulture
Date of Birth:  September 5th 1951
Race: Human
Team Affiliations: Sinister Six. The Tinkerer.
Marital Status: Married (Separated with One Child.) 
High Intelligence 
Tombs decent into criminal life began when he was just a part time inventor. He had many ground breaking inventions theorised but lacked the capital to actually create them.
The silver lining was his scavenger company. He started up the group to help overcome this hurdle, by specialising it in clearing up after major superhero battles. Things seemed to be looking up for him as that was a very active market that is until Tony Stark, who in a effort to take more responsibility for the damage he caused. Despite his well intentions he inadvertently put both Tombs and his employee's out of a job with Damage Control. A joint government force to do what they had
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Chosen by Nokuthula Chosen :iconnokuthula:Nokuthula 84 6 (SFM) Terror billy by TheImperialCombine (SFM) Terror billy :icontheimperialcombine:TheImperialCombine 22 6 Wolfenstein - The Freedom Chronicles by WorksV3 Wolfenstein - The Freedom Chronicles :iconworksv3:WorksV3 4 0 .Tumblr Commission 04. by MalakiaLaGatta .Tumblr Commission 04. :iconmalakialagatta:MalakiaLaGatta 15 2 Peacemaker (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho Peacemaker (Earth-27) commission :iconphil-cho:phil-cho 102 47 Mentors of the Core II by Joshio-Arisawa Mentors of the Core II :iconjoshio-arisawa:Joshio-Arisawa 13 3 Sokka's Sacrifice by mojave955 Sokka's Sacrifice :iconmojave955:mojave955 7 0 .:Zora Character Sheet - Voltron OC:. by alexpc901 .:Zora Character Sheet - Voltron OC:. :iconalexpc901:alexpc901 70 17 Voltron Legendary Defenders OC by MaggiesHeartLove Voltron Legendary Defenders OC :iconmaggiesheartlove:MaggiesHeartLove 154 60 the first sword by Katana-the-Grey the first sword :iconkatana-the-grey:Katana-the-Grey 11 0 Comics Coloring - Star Wars Annual 2 page 23 by M-Katar Comics Coloring - Star Wars Annual 2 page 23 :iconm-katar:M-Katar 3 0 Comics Coloring - Star Wars Annual 2 by M-Katar Comics Coloring - Star Wars Annual 2 :iconm-katar:M-Katar 5 0 Fan Art Joe Hogan | Star Wars | by MaxIriani202 Fan Art Joe Hogan | Star Wars | :iconmaxiriani202:MaxIriani202 3 0 Kitbashed Star wars Weapons 2 by christhebarker Kitbashed Star wars Weapons 2 :iconchristhebarker:christhebarker 4 0 Kitbashed Star wars Weapons by christhebarker Kitbashed Star wars Weapons :iconchristhebarker:christhebarker 4 0 Kitbashed Star wars Weapons 3 by christhebarker Kitbashed Star wars Weapons 3 :iconchristhebarker:christhebarker 4 0


A showcase of the voice actors I'd pick for each character, just for fun. Hopefully my choice for Ra's will make you chuckle. 

It's based off the Earth-27 fan project by :iconroysovitch: and :iconphil-cho:

League Founders
  • Superman: George Newbern
  • Batman: Kevin Conroy
  • Wonder Woman: Susan Eisenberg
  • John Stewart: Phil LaMarr
  • Hal Jordan: Nathan Fillion
  • Martian Manhunter: Carl Lumbly
  • Hawkgirl: María Canals Barrera 
  • Flash: Michael Rosenbaum
  • Aquaman: Scott Rummell
  • Alfred: David McCallum
  • Robin: Stuart Allan
  • Batwoman: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn 
  • Batgirl: Janet Varney
  • Red Robin: Cameron Bowen
  • Huntress: Amy Acker
  • Red Hood: Jensen Ackles 
  • Oracle: Kimberly Brooks 
  • Blue Bird: Ashley Burch
  • Black Bat: Ali Hillis
  • Batwing: Gaius Charles
The Titans
  • Nightwing: Jesse McCartney
  • Starfire: Hynden Walch 
  • Raven: Tara Strong
  • Beast Boy: Greg Cipes
  • Cyborg: Khary Payton
  • Indigo: Jen Brown
  • Red Arrow/Arsenal: Crispin Freeman
  • Katana: Sumalee Montano

  • Jim Gordon: Bryan Cranston
  • Harvey Bullock: Robert Costanzo
  • Rynee Montoya: Vanessa Marshall
Arkham Staff
  • Dr Arkham: Robin Atkin Downs
  • Hugo Strange: Corey Burton
  • Lyle Bolton: Mitch Lewis
  • Aaron Cash: Duane R. Shepard Sr.
House of El
  • Powergirl: Laura Bailey
  • Superboy: Nolan North
  • Supergirl: Olivia Olson
Justice League Dark
  • John Constintine: Gideon Emery
  • Zatanna: Lacey Chabert
  • Lex Luthor: Clancy Brown
  • Brainiac: Cory Burton
  • Zoom: Matt Letscher
  • Vandal Savage: Phil Morris
  • Joker: Troy Baker
Suicide Squad
  • Deathstroke: Ron Pearlman
  • Deadshot: Matthew Mercer
  • KGBeast: Graham McTavish
  • Killer Frost: Jennifer Hale
  • Harley Quinn: Hynden Walch
The Crime Syndicate
  • Owlman: Stephen Russell
  • Ultraman: Brian Bloom
  • Power Ring: Nolan North
  • Johnny Quick: Tom Kane
  • Superwoman: Gina Torres
  • The Martian: J.B Blanc

Kryptonian Renegades 
  • Zod: Richard Doyle
  • Mira: Venus Terzo
  • Non: Steve Blum

League of Assassins
  • Ra's Al'Ghul: Joseph David Kucan 
  • Talia: Stana Katic
  • Red Claw: Cree Summers
  • Bane: Fred Tatasciore
  • Copperhead: Rosa Salazar
  • Cheshire: Kelly Hu
Forces of Apokolips
    • Darkseid: Micheal Ironside



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