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Through all the animated shows I've seen I've been exposed to a swarm of Talented Voice's. So I'm going to list my favourites along with some of the roles they've played. Read through and tell me what you think of them and maybe a few of your favourites. 

To keep this simple I'm excusing these Five as there Talent and range is so great, that their in literally everything and if I included them they would undoubtedly be in the top five by default. Plus all but one of them are also in my favourite zombie killing team in Call of Duty. 

Steve Blum (Dempsey, Wolverine, Spike Spiegel) 
Nolan North (Richtofan, Deadpool, Nathan Drake.) 
Tom Kane (Takeo, Yoda, Magneto.) 
Fred Tatasciore (Nickolai, Seran, Hulk.) 
Michael Kevin Richardson (Kilowog, Gantu, The Shredder.)  

10.David Kaye (Beast Wars Megatron, Clank, Professor X)
The First Megatron I heard was from this guy, who really made sure you enjoyed what the Villain was doing as much as the Villain was especially whenever he would say "Yesss" whenever something clicked in his head. I later enjoyed him as the robot sidekick in Rachet and Clank.  

9.Troy Baker (Booker Dewitt, Joel, Greed, The Joker.)
Boy this guy was all over the place in 2013 from the haunted Booker in Bioshock to the gruff survivalist Joel in the Last of Us. My favourite from him was his out of this world impression of Mark Hamill's Joker he really nailed the pitch. Before that he was the second Greed in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. 

8.Cree Summers (Number 5, Penny, Susie.) 
First I heard her in the Rugrats, then in Codenmed Kidz Next Door as the cool Number 5, to say she was always nice to hear would be an Understatement. 

7.Crispin Freeman (Alucard, Male Wizard, Red Arrow,Shizuo Heiwajima.)
Crispin Freeman you smooth bastard. You made a brutal killer and Vampire even more enjoyable in Hellsing with your voice alone. What else can you say about someone who would have you cheering him on as he craved open helpless victims on his voice alone. No wonder so many people played as the Wizard in Diablo III. Plus the voices the temperamental yet paradoxically violence hating super strong and tough Shizuo, from Dura- Durrara- Du.... The weirdly named anime.... That probably doesn't help much.

6.Rob Paulsen (Yakko, Donatello, Pinky.)
A veteran from the 80's where he played Raphael in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's, he's been entertaining younger generations ever since. With Yakko Warners World song, and Pinky's Narfs in Pinky and the Brain. Recently he's back on TMNT voicing Donny this time round and kicking shell while doing it.

5.Tara Strong (Raven, Timmy Turner, Twilight Sparkle Harley Quinn.)
Pretty Talented, and pretty to look at Tara is one hell of a Voice Actress. Notable for her Portrayal of Raven in the Teen Titans with her low and erry tone. In Fariy Odd Parent's she gave the young Timmy Turner the energetic voice you'd expect from a Ten Year old with gusto. Now she's most famous from her role in the Cult hit My Little Pony, playing the Bookworm and antisocial Twilight, who along with the rest of the cast really shows her vocal skills in the Singing parts of the Show.

4.Michael Bell (Razial, Duke, The Fear.)
He's a personal favourite of mine ever since I first heard his portrayal of Raziel in the Shakspearing quality written, game series, Legacy of Kain. Anyone who watched the original GI-Joe will recognise him as the voice of Duke from there. He was also the creepy as hell, The Fear from Metal Gear Solid 3.

3.Jennifer Hale (Female Shepard, Ms Marvel, Naomi Hunter, Bastila Shan.) 
What can I say about Jennifer Hall.... Nothing I have nothing that could do justice to such a talented voice actress. Go play Mass Effect, Star Wars Knights of the old Republic and Metal Gear, and hear her for yourself. You'll thank me Later.

2.Scott McNeil (Dinobot. Rattrap. Silverbolt. Waspinator. Sindri Myr. Sargent Merrick. Davian Thule. X-Men Evolution: Wolverine.)
This man is Superstar. When I was a kid I had no Idea that all of my favourite characters in Beast War's where all voiced by the one guy. Honourbound Warrior Trapped between allegiances. Him. Witty Comic Relief. Him. Unlucky Comic Relief, Him. Well meaning Soldier who got the Girl. Him. Hell Half the Reason I play Warhammer Dawn of War, is because he's in the voice cast. Now whenever he shows up in a Anime Series I know I should continue watching it.

1.Frank Welkar (Megatron, Abu, Dr Claw.)
His IMDB Page:… Says is all.

Honourable Mentions 
More of my favourites who could claim any spot on this list if I could make up my damn mind. 

Laura Bailey. Robin Atkin Downes. Khary Python. Richard Epcar. John DiMaggio. Kevin Conroy. Mark Hamill. Corey Burton. Ali Hillis. 
Peter Cullen. Tony Jay. Robin Sachs. Mel Blanc. June Foray. Phil LaMarr. Ron Perlman. Jess Harnell. Maurice LaMarche. Jim Cummings. Keith David. David Hayter. Johnny Young Botch. Kim Mai Guest. Grey Delisle. April Stewart. Liam O'Brien. Billy West. Tom Kenny. Christopher Lee. Clancy Brown. Josh Keaton. Neil Ross. Simon Templeman. Thomas F. Wilson. Billy Zane. Patrick Seitz. T.C Carson. Paul Dobson. Brian Dobson. Michael Dobson. Richard Doyle. Christopher R. Sabat.  

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